81 Pounds of Marijuana found in Checked Bags

81 Pounds of Marijuana found in Checked Bags

The King Indeed

May 4th, 2014


The Transportation Security Administration better known as TSA allegedly seized 81 pounds of pot from 3 checked bags at Oakland International airport. A 26 year old woman allegedly traveling from Oakland to Mississippi was arrested after she attempted to claim her 3 bags.

Now TheKingIndeed is no expert in smuggling anything, especially drugs!!! But if I were to smuggle that much pot, I know that I would be a little bit smarter about it. The first thing you dumb dumbs must realize is that the TSA scans each and every checked bag in search of explosives. So what do you think will happen when they scan 3 bags full of “the good stuff”? In my opinion, this chick purposely got caught because I really can not see anyone being that stupid whereas they are attempting to smuggle that much pot…PERIOD!!! Now on the flip side of things I know what really happened. The smuggler probably had a connect that works within the TSA department[allegedly] and he or she was napping on the job. So let this be a lesson to all of you smugglers out there, please for the love of GoD, DO NOT depend on anyone but yourself. This poor 26 year old smuggler of a chick will now spend a lengthy time behind bars for a crime that could have been avoided. Hmmmmmm…makes me think about something right about now. So this chick will spend way more time behind bars compared to a rapist and a murderer. The judicial system is all fucked up in my STRONG ASS opinion, but that is another story or article I shall share at a later time.

I will leave all of my readers with this thought: if you are gonna smuggle 81 pounds of pot, the least you can do is share a pound at the airport with everyone flying.

-The King Indeed-

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