9 Year old boy Shot to Death in Chicago

9 Year old boy Shot to Death in Chicago

The King Indeed

September 1st, 2014


On August 20, 2014 nine year old Antonio Smith was fatally shot at least 4 times in the chest, arms and hands. Antonio was gunned down in the Grand Crossing neighborhood of Chicago’s South Side. The authorities have yet to apprehend any suspects to date.

As a father, I must say that this indeed troubles me to the highest degree. These are our children that are being killed on these gang infested streets. When will the guns be put down? When will this madness ever end? How is it possible that certain neighborhoods have a high rate of POLICE presence and other neighborhoods have close to zero POLICE presence? Certain privileged neighborhoods have the Police that are proactive rather than reactive to crime. These facts are a grim reality of living in urban America.

I pray that the family of this young child finds extreme strength and sanity during this nightmare.

PS-For the coward(s) whom murdered this innocent child, I hope that you are apprehended and live the rest of your lives in misery.

-The King Indeed-

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