TKI SPORTS [A Fitting End To A Bronx Tale]

TKI SPORTS [A Fitting End To A Bronx Tale]

The King Indeed

September 29th, 2014


Well…the end of an era has arrived as New York Yankees shortstop and Captain Derek Jeter has bided farewell to America’s pastime.
His final game and at bat in the Bronx was nothing short of dramatic as he stepped into the batter’s box in the bottom of the 9th inning with the winning run on second base.
The baseball gods and the “ghosts of Yankee Stadium” must have been present as he belted the first pitch past the diving second baseman into right field, scoring the game-winning run.
Jeter will no doubt go down as the greatest Yankee shortstop of all time and arguably in MLB history. To those who say and believe he’s overrated, go back and check the stats and more importantly the post season stats where he boasts 5 championship rings and a World Series MVP.
I went to three games of Jeter’s final season…two of which were in the Bronx with my brother/best friend (K.I.) and as a die-hard Yankee fan, I’m proud to say that I was fortunate enough to¬†witness one of the greats of the game…he wasn’t the most talented as he himself once said but no one worked harder and respected the game and more importantly, himself, as Derek Sanderson Jeter did and for that…I, Bigg Litho, salute and thank you!

 Bigg Litho,


-The King Indeed-

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