Ben Affleck Banned from playing Black Jack

Ben Affleck Banned from playing Black Jack

The King Indeed

May 4th, 2014


Ben Affleck was allegedly kicked out and banned from playing Black Jack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas. TheKingIndeed is truly amazed and puzzled on why would the actor allegedly even need to count cards? He is allegedly a multi millionaire right? At some point one must ask him or herself “why am I gambling?” It is either because you enjoy gambling for fun, you have a gambling addiction and/or because you are in a desperate state of life at the moment. Whatever the reason is, there is no excuse in my book for a reputable and successful wealthy actor to be counting cards. To make matters worst, sources state that Ben was counting cards at a novice level[allegedly]. I am not here to bash the actor, however I am here to state that if Ben really did count cards at the high stakes table of Black Jack, then please Mr Ben Affleck come to New York and donate some of your bread to my home games of Black Jack…pretty please. TheKingIndeed promises not to ban you from my home if you promise to limit your card counting to a minimum of once per hour.

PS-Just a FYI to the world…card counting is not illegal in casinos, however the casinos reserve the right to ban anyone from their establishments whom they feel is “Breaking Vegas”.

-The King Indeed-

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