Bombing at the Boston Marathon?

Bombing at the Boston Marathon?

The King Indeed

April 17th, 2013


It appears that terrorism is not going anywhere anytime soon regarding the United States of America being a target. In my sincerest opinion, I strongly feel that the US has a huge bullseye on it. Everyone is gunning for the US and more than a few are patiently waiting for “our” downfall.

This bombing in Boston was truly indeed a cowardly act that is completely unacceptable. When the party or parties involved are apprehended, please do not expect to have any mercy on the terrorists. Any organization(s) and/or individual(s) that terrorize and harm innocent civilians, obviously are trying to make a point. What is not clear is what point exactly are “you” trying to make coward?

What frustrates The King Indeed the most is that “we” will never know the complete truth. All of my viewers must always remember that my third eye is always opened and searching for answers. I am well aware that for every action there is indeed a reaction.

In short, wake up America and start looking beyond “the elite machine” because the issues that we are facing in modern times are only going to get worst.



-The King Indeed-


  1. young Haiti says:

    Couldnt say it better myself. 100%Right

  2. Midnight says:

    Agreed… Even though we all know of the long terrorist history of the USA, there are still many unanswered specific questions. Very frustrating. Maybe your third eye is more developed than the rest of ours in a higher consciousness so that spirituality, your third eye can open our state of enlightenment.

  3. Buffalo says:

    I believe this was a false flag operation, in an effort to take away our civil liberties/arms etc, because when the shit hits the fan, and there is a revolution because our Dollar collapses and the coming food shortages start, HOMELAND SECURITY will need to round you up and put us in the FEMA camps..take care…

  4. Junglej24 says:

    Terrorism will remian at Americas doorstep because the majority of Americans are very hateful people. STOP THE HST and STOP TERRORISM.

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