Millionaire Minister Creflo Dollar arrested

Millionaire Minister Creflo Dollar arrested

The King Indeed

March 19th, 2013


Yeah yeah yeah…I know this is old news but I gotta get this off of my chest. Allegedly Creflo Dollar was arrested for choking the shit out of his daughter because she dared to talk back to her father. [you guys must understand that his daughter allegedly wanted to go and hang out with some urban youths where they play Gangsta RAP music…and Creflo allegedly said “In the name of the Lord You aint going nowhere!!!”]  In my opinion Creflo Dollar was the victim. His daughter probably was running with the mouth and acting all “grown”. Creflo allegedly did what any loving father would do…Creflo allegedly beat the breaks outta her. In short, my opinion is that Dr Creflo Dollar shouldn’t be punished for trying to keep his family in line.

Just think about how many kids would grow up with respect if we could go back to the days of literally “whooping” these kids asses. Just think about it.

-The King Indeed-


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