Dear Commander & Chief

Dear Commander & Chief

The King Indeed

October 13th, 2014


[I can not possibly imagine the stress level of our current and past Presidents of the United States of America]

Allow me to start off by stating that I am a proud Haitian/American (Haitian born parents but I was born in the USA). Ok time to go in…Ready-Set-Go!!!


Dear Mr President,

How is it possible that we have an infinite supply of “legal tenders” for all types of wars but we can barely feed and shelter “our” United States military veterans? [Not to mention our civilians]


Dear Mr Powerful,

How is it that we can send monkey’s and humans to the moon and back, we can build satellite stations up in space but we can not locate a commercial aircraft full of passengers, that out of nowhere disappeared?


Dear Mr Commander & Chief,

Why the heck you allowed this man-made virus EBOLA to creep into US soil? [Neutralization]


Dear Mr 2Face,

If you truly want to fight the war on drugs then it would make sense if you stop allowing your personal shipments to enter US soil.


Dear Mr Humanitarian,

How and why do you allow Lobbyist to run this country along side those old farts that you call Congress? [The Almighty dollar]


Dear MrPresident Clinton,

Why did you jog almost every day just to end up at McDonald’s eating several Big Mac’s and Milk Shakes?


Dear Mr President John F Kennedy,

You did a wonderful job on how you handled the Cuban Missile Crisis. I salute you while you are in Heaven.


Dear Mr Robert Kennedy,

Why did you go so hard on exposing and indicting James R Hoffa and the mob? May you forever Rest In Peace.


Dear Mr President Reagan,

“JUST SAY NO” obviously did not work. (R.I.P)



You have taken an oath as commander and chief of this great nation called the United States of America. It is your civic virtue and duty to inform ALL of your citizens of any current events that will deeply impact us socially, physically, morally and most of all mentally. Mr President it is time to give a fuck about the ghettos of America, it is time to get rid of those inhumane “Rockefeller DRUG Laws” which are used mostly against Blacks & Latinos. It is time for you to get rid of HUNGER right here in America!!! It is time to get rid of THE PATRIOT ACT!!! Mr President I dare you to respond to this by showing the people whom voted for you that you truly do have a pulse and you are no longer a puppet!!! Mr President be brave just as John F Kennedy was when he gave a speech so powerful that it even shocked the most powerful WHITE people. Mr President wake up and realize that if you continue upon this path that there will soon be a nuclear Holocaust so powerful, not even your bunkers will be able to withstand.


-The King Indeed-





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