Family is “EVERYTHANG”

Family is “EVERYTHANG”

The King Indeed

October 27th, 2013


What is family??? Is family a watered down word that most people use and say loosely while taking that word for granted? Well The King Indeed strongly feels that an individual is nothing without a strong family foundation. It really does not matter if your family is blood related or street related. The psychological affects of not having a family can be both painful, Lonesome & torturous. Why is The King writing & discussing about “Familia”? The King is discussing family for all of those lost individuals out there whom never had a family. I feel for you all, however, please do not dwell on that because “you” have the ability and power to shape & form the person you desire to be in the future.

The King Indeed, himself comes from a huge family filled with a gang of brothers & sisters. So…does that mean that The King was never Lonesome or lonely? Survey says….NOPE!!! Family is just the core and the root ┬áthat shapes ones life. It was truly up to me, The King Indeed to go out there and create my own lane. The King used the pain of being lonely and flipped it and embraced that pain & loneliness and become one of the realest individuals the world will never meet!!!

Yes I know all of you whom are reading this is totally confused about the subject matter & the information that was typed. However, what you confused individuals need to do is to take your time and start analyzing my words. I promise you that their is always a code to break in everythang that The King Indeed writes.

PS-The King Indeed broke the cycle of having to get “hand me downs” each & every year because I was the youngest of 7 brothers & sisters. My children only know one thang….and that is FAMILIA is EVERYTHANG!!!


-The King Indeed-


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