Female Driver Charged with DUI after being T-Boned by a Cop

Female Driver Charged with DUI after being T-Boned by a Cop

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May 6th, 2014


quilles_MISOLast February a cop in Milwaukee T-Boned a 25 year old white female at an intersection, breaking her neck. The Cop (Joseph Quilles) allegedly broke traffic rules, as per the video from the camera in the intersection. However, when other officers arrived on the scene, true to form, they immediately tried to cover his ass and asked the girl if she had been drinking. The girl was honest and admitted to taking “a couple of sips” from a friends’ drink. When asked if she had taken any drugs, she admitted to “being prescribed Vicodin” from her Dentist, but she had not taken any in at least one week. As soon as the cops heard this, they took her to the hospital and charged her with a DUI. Because of her injuries, they did not need to breathalyze her. As a result, the cops testimony, which claimed she was intoxicated, was admitted as evidence in the case. The girls family did not settle for this, they had a drug and alcohol test done that showed she was drug and alcohol free (for those who do not know, alcohol can be detected up to 80 hours after ingestion nowadays, due to a new test called the “ETG” test, it is a metabolite of alcohol that can stay in you for 3+ days). Thankfully, this proved that she was innocent. However, because it is so difficult to fight City Hall as they say, it took roughly one year for the D.A. to exonerate her and the cop was finally found guilty of traffic violations.

Thanks to their own cameras and tests, the girl was found not guilty. That coupled with the fact that everyone has a video camera on their phone and modern technology in general, could this mean that asshole cops will start being more careful? Could it be the end of asshole/crooked cops? We are seeing more than ever on the news cops being caught by cell phone cams beating innocent bystanders and getting in trouble for it. I like what I am seeing, please share your thoughts.

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