GRINDING for the “RIGHT” reasons

GRINDING for the “RIGHT” reasons

The King Indeed

October 13th, 2014


Grinding is nothing new – Wether you are a criminal or you are a “nine to fiver”, true GRINDING equals to working hard and remaining focused. I can honestly admit that many people on a regular inform “the KiD” that I work way too hard…that I need to get more sleep, etc. What those same individuals fail to realize is that my GRIND is for a purpose that is so powerful that it is addictive. It is a fact that I am just one person, however I am just one person whom “must” be at different hoods, cities or countries at random times.

I never been the one to rent vehicles and pretended that I owned those same vehicles. I never been the one to wear fake jewelry or flash money that I really did not have. I promise you that I am not taking shots at anyone, however I am allowing the world to get to know the individual behind the GRIND. It truly is a beautiful thing when you GRIND for a purpose. Some people grind just so they can purchase the new “Jordans”, and others grind just so they can piss out expensive bottles of alcohol. I must admit at times I piss out some really expensive champagne, and occasionally I will purchase a pair of expensive “Jordans”. But the flip side of that coin is that after I do those things, I still have money to pay my bills, feed my beautiful family, hop on a flight at a moment’s notice, etc. What “the KiD’ is getting at is respect the GRIND and if you can not respect the GRIND then at least respect a true GRINDER. As I am typing this article I can only imagine how many people out there that claim to be “Grinding” are literally counting sheep right now.

GRINDING for the RIGHT reasons may not be all that appealing to some individuals, but I promise you that it makes sense to the individuals whom matter. I can honestly admit that I never imagined to make it to be 40 years of age and now that I am almost there, the feeling is amazing. I am alive this long due to GoD and the almighty GRIND. The GRIND…yes I said it again the GRIND is also amazing. To be misunderstood and to be criticized at times because of my “no-nonsense” way of life is also a compliment.

GRINDING for the RIGHT reasons comes with a high price that I must pay. It comes with the price of late nights until morning, it comes with the price of my not always being able to be with my beautiful family. But to be real with you guys, I rather not see my family on a regular, if it guarantees that my children will NEVER go hungry or NEVER have to go without anything as long as I am alive and GRINDING for the RIGHT reasons.

Ladies and gentlemen I thank you for taking the time to read this article.




-The King Indeed-

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