Lambo Test Drive

Lambo Test Drive

The King Indeed

March 19th, 2013



  1. The King Indeed says:

    How much would you pay to test drive this Lambo??? More importantly after you anti up that small fortune…will you be able to jump back into your own vehicule without feeling like a low life??? Who dares to answer The King Indeed?

  2. Pat says:

    Test drives should be free! Wouldn’t pay a dime! As for getting back into my vehicle – no problem. As long as I have the right people sitting next to me I don’t care what I’m driving!

  3. Young Haiti says:

    Wouldn’t feel like a low life jumping in a regular middle class vehicle but a Brother like me love to move forward upgrade should be plan.

  4. Chico says:

    king indeed i would def anti up the bread to cruise around in that lambo for a day, and as far as feeling like a low life getting back into the regular “v”… you damn right it would be hard!

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