Hofstra student killed by Police

Hofstra student killed by Police

The King Indeed

May 19th, 2013


It truly saddens us here at to report such tagic news regarding the death of a college student (Andrea Rebello), whom attended Hofstra University on Long Island, New York.

Allegedly Dalton Smith, a criminal with several felony charges held Andrea hostage with a loaded hand gun aimed at her head. Unfortunately Andrea was hit by a stray bullet by a veteran cop, while he was shooting at the alleged gunman. Both Andrea and the gunman were killed.

Why am I writing about this on one might ask? Well this topic is a powerful one because “we” must ask ourselves why would a veteran cop shoot at this viscious criminal while he had a hostage in a head lock? Yes I am fully aware that the assailant pointed his gun at the Police…but whatever happened to using your discretion? (Please do not think that we here at are bashing cops. The King Indeed would love to read your opinions regarding this sensitive matter.

[PS-My condolensces to the family whom lost Andrea Rebello & I am confident that this cop followed the proper protocol]

-The King Indeed-


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