Illuminati & the Music Industry

Illuminati & the Music Industry

The King Indeed

May 19th, 2013


If anyone knows an ounce about the music industry then they would know how disguisting the politics are from within. However what is this “fad” called the illuminati? The King Indeed is baffled on how easy “mind control” is. Music touches the world and its influences are unmeasureable. So whom is this illuminatti? Is it a person? Is it a secret society? The King Indeed strongly feels that it is a way of life. Some might argue that music is a way of life…so it does not sound too far fetched to believe that the illuminati and the music industry co-exist together!!!

If you are reading this and you are an individual whom is used to the “fake”…please do “us” all a favor and stop reading this. We here at only exercise “the real” on a daily basis.

You ever think about how an entertainer (actor and/or musician) makes it to super stardom? The answer is obvious right? All he or she has to do is pray, work hard and have a solid foundation of a “team”. Well that may be true in the beginning but then the masses must ask themselves how come everybody does not make it to the top. Ok Ok Ok…again I know the answer is obviously because not everyone has the same amount of talent. Wake up dumb dumbs…the answer is because the majority of entertainers “must” sell their lives to the infamous illuminatti.

Whatever happened to that singer named John Lennon huh? Oh yeah…I almost forgot that he was shot and killed by some random “fan” waiting for him outside of his home. This random fan while reading a book decided to shoot Mr Lennon for no apparent reason at all. Hmmmm…I wonder what type of music John Lennon made? What was Mr Lennon’s political and social views? Oh yeah…John Lennon fought for “the people” and was a strong advocate for peace. But in this music industry, I wonder what sells more records? Is it singing about peace or singing about controversy and murder? You be the judge and do your own homework.

Whatever happened to a gentlemen by the name of Arsenio Hall? One minute he is living the high life…then next minute he is hanging financially by a thread. Luckily for Mr Hall that he is still alive…I guess the illuminatti decided to strip him of his fame, which was punishment enough.

Whatever happen to a dude named Damon Dash?
Oh yeah…I remember now…Mr Dash was the one time partner of a rap mogul and extroadinary business man named Sean Carter aka Jay-Z. Nowadays Mr Dash is allegedly filing for bankruptcy and Mr Carter is living the high life. But I am sure that the illuminatti had nothing to do with this.

Whatever happened to a reggae super star named Bob Marley? Ok I know this answer very well…Bob Marley dies of cancer that was in his foot. Bob Marley had a couple of dollars, so why wouldn’t he just get treatment? The illuminati states that…ooops I meant to say the Media states that…oops I meant to say the illuminatti states that…oops again I meant to say that THE MEDIA whom is controlled by the illuminati states that Mr Marley believed that “Jah” would cure him and the cancer would just go away on its own. Hmmm…interesting right? I must remind my readers that Bob Marley, his manager at the time and his wife were all shot but they survived. You guys really gotta wake up and start doing your own research. can go on for hours name dropping but I really do not want to bore the small amount of readers that we currently have.

Always remember that the media is in full control of “mind power”…never forget that in show business “the elite” illuminatti is always ready to strike like a cobra. Twenty years ago I would not dare write an article like this…but I know that my time on this earth is numbered. I also know that if I do not stand for something…then I will fall for anything.


-The King Indeed-



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