PAYOLA in the Music Industry

PAYOLA in the Music Industry

The King Indeed

June 2nd, 2013


Payola is nothing new in the music industry and the world of enterainment. For you dumb dumbs out their whom are naive enough to believe the reason why a particular song is repeatedly played on the radio, is solely because that song is “HOT” , then you guys need a wake up call.

Music and Entertainment is a business and it is a lucritive one if The King Indeed may say so himself. One must ask whatever happened to the “Golden Era” when music [especially Hip Hop] was played on the airwaves because those songs were undeniably great songs? will tell you exactly what happened…Hip Hop became a multi-Trillion dollar industry. So it should come to NO surprise to any of you whom are reading this article that labels on any level [Major or Indie] practices PAYOLA. Yesssss certain radio personnel accept cash and “favors”, in return by playing certain artists songs.

Now The King Indeed is not saying that this is a good thing nor it is a bad thing…However one thing is for certain is that PAYOLA is alive and is not going anywhere. Yeah yeah yeah, The King Indeed is well aware that the FCC attempts to sick the government on this so-called malpractice, but their resources are limited and nobody that matters is talking because their is allegedly too much money at stake. So the next time you see your favorite artist or group performing at a concert ran by a radio station, that artist or group may be performing for free. But that artist or group knows that their music will have a guaranteed placement via the airwaves.

I will leave my readers with this…PAYOLA [money, sexual favors, free trips around the world, illuminatti, etc] IS HERE TO STAY!!!


-The King Indeed-




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