Beyonce & Jay-Z in CUBA???

Beyonce & Jay-Z in CUBA???

The King Indeed

April 7th, 2013


It appears that nothing will cease to amaze The King Indeed. So this Black power couple found their way over to Cuba? Maybe they were smuggled over to Cuba via a cargo ship…or maybe Beyonce and Jay-Z made it over there because they are Obama’s favorite couple. We will never know right? … WRONG!!! The King Indeed has his own theories and by law I am allowed to have my own thoughts. I feel that this power couple made it over there because Jay-Z & Beyonce are government spies whom work for the CIA. I am serious too. It only makes sense people…think about it. The CIA allegedly sent their top 2 agents over to Cuba to try and start a peace treaty with the “dictator” whom is currently running the country over there in Cuba. [What the public does not know is the Fidel has always been a huge fan of fat asses and rap music] So why wouldn’t the CIA send these two government officials?

I hope that this is a step in the right direction because “The Bay of Pigs” has been over with a long time ago. The Cuban Missle Crisis was dreadful but it is in the past. And no matter how hard America attempted to rid Cuba of Fidel…they never succeeded. So why not open up the gates to Cuba? Cmon America…let by gones be by gones.



-The King Indeed-


  1. Midnight says:

    Cuban customs and immigration officials know not to stamp the passports of Americans entering the country. The most common way that Americans circumvent the Cuba travel ban is to fly to a third country that has regularly scheduled flights to Cuba, such as Canada, Mexico (Cancun is nearby and a popular Cuba gateway), or the Bahamas (Nassau). Americans can get a Cuban tourist card at airports in these countries, good for up to 30 days visiting Cuba.
    Now as a power couple, I highly doubt that they had to go threw all this “red tape” to travel to Cuba. This is just another form of proof that money is power.

  2. young Haiti says:

    Up in the clouds/ Me and my spouse/ Rumors on the ground/ Getting too loud/ Turn that shit down.” .. Lol Thinking jay took his private jet to Cuba . what do your think ?

  3. Pat says:

    Midnight is completely correct, money is power. The power couple is not about the CIA and they are certainly not government spies- they are about showing everyone in the world the can and will do whatever they feel like. They are above the law, their money can and will buy them in and out of every situation. Beyoncé and Jay Z are too full of themselves to be species.
    King Indeed, I respect your views and can understand where you’re coming from but this power couple is certainly not right for the job (if you are correct). They rather keep themselves in the media for their own selfish reasons. I think we’d have a better chance sending Rodman to Cuba…

  4. The King Indeed says:

    Pat & Midnight you guys make some excellent points. I agree that money is power!!! However how can you guys not see my point of view that Jay-Z & Beyonce are clearly working for the Central Intelligence agency? They are both illuminated!!! Ok I give up…this is too deep for you guys. One day you will understand The King Indeed.

  5. Pat says:

    You’re the King Indeed for a reason. Keep it up!

  6. Tee says:

    I agree with midnight and Pat, they paid their way to get over to Cuba- Americans are not allowed!!!. They could be spying for us though, it would be the perfect cover. They look like they are having too much fun in a Communist Country….They dont belong there. Its an insult to the American people.

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