Jay-Z & Solange “no play nice nice in sand box”

Jay-Z & Solange “no play nice nice in sand box”

The King Indeed

May 13th, 2014



Yes indeed it most definitely happens…problems amongst in-laws is nothing new. So why is the entire WORLD making a “supa-dupa” BIG deal over rap Mogul Jay-z & his superstar sister in-law Solange? The King Indeed will be happy to give you his OPINION on this delicate but REAL subject matter. What everyone needs to come to grips with is that Sean Carter & Solange Knowles are human beings as well. Please tell me that you guys do not think because of their “bank roll”, they are immune to “losing control”?

In my opinion, Solange is not a woman that will just take anybody’s shit, including Mr Jay-Z himself!!! Jay-Z [allegedly] must have disrespected Solange and/or her sister in some sort of way and Solange was not having it. Anybody whom watched the video [brought to us by TMZ] of Solange trying to get at Jay-Z, obviously watched Solange attempting to rip his head off. From my experiences, whenever an individual “attacks” someone in such a “vicious” manner, then you know that play time is over. I salute Solange not because she attacked the ever so smooth Jay-Z..but because Solange is letting the UNIVERSE know that she “AINT THE ONE” to be tried in any type of way…bottom line!!!

My question to all of my readers is “What would you guys have done if you were Jay-Z”? Also “Why do you really think Solange attacked Jay-Z in such a vicious manner”? Whom ever decides to leave a comment below, please do not hold back and be real about your opinions. The King Indeed most definitely values everyones’ opinions and thoughts.

PS-Question: Who do you like more, Jay-Z or Solange?

-The King Indeed-

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