TKI SPORTS [Jerry Jones likely to resign Tony Romo…Why???]

TKI SPORTS [Jerry Jones likely to resign Tony Romo…Why???]

The King Indeed

March 22nd, 2013


If any of you out there do not know yet…you know now that I [TKI] am a DIE HARD Dallas Cowboy fan. As Bigg Litho is a DIE HARD New York Giants fan. However, I am a realistic fan. I am wise enough to know that Romo will not ever give Dallas their championship..NEVER!!! In my humble opinion, I believe that Tony Romo must have something on Jerry. In my opinion, Romo must have found those cross dressing pics of Jerry way back in the 70’s…or maybe Romo caught Jerry in the act of humping one of his cows on his ranch. Ok ok ok, obiously I am being a lil silly because I am pissed off that Jerry Jones refuses to realize that Romo is not the savior!!!

Also Jerry Jones needs to understand that he is a multi Billionaire and he does not need to be the head of everything. If I were Jerry I would have been axed Homo…ooops I meant Romo a long time ago. I would have also jumped off of a bridge while setting fire to myself.

In closing please be advised of two “thangs”…The King Indeed is a complete realistic Cowboy fan and all of my comments and viewpoints are subjective to my opinion suckaz.

-The King Indeed-


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