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They Cheatin, Just Leave Already…Only in Southside

They Cheatin, Just Leave Already…Only in Southside

The King Indeed

August 6th, 2013




Only in Southside will you see this B.S.  They know how brainwashed us minorities are and stay taking advantage of it.  Peep the top of the van.  They have to do something to catch your eye right.  Oh its the Hot 97 truck where Hip Hop lives!  Your eyes move lower and you see a woman in a trench coat on the prowl!  Now is it a coincidence that the woman has a more prominent presence on the truck?  Hell no.  Advertisers aren’t stupid.  Which one of the two sexes is more likely to spy on their significant other?  Of course its women.  But we can’t leave our fellas out so of course we’ve got a dude on their too just to share the advertising love.  Now you probably saying to yourself what’s his problem.  Rich people do this all the time. Ain’t nothin wrong with this.  It’s good that we have access to these “essential” services.  You know what else rich people have?  Something to lose.  You know what their Queens Spy Shop is called?  A private investigator a.k.a ex cop.  We on the other hand are putting GPS devices on our good for nothin, no job havin, tree smokin all day mates.  Why are you spending more money on these fools who are already taking too much form you.  You don’t need a Queens Spy Shop to tell you what you already know.  Do me a favor y’all.  Save your money and just leave their cheatin asses.  You’ll be much happier and and a lot richer.

-Wesley Dean-

[Intern writer for]

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