Life Support

Life Support

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September 6th, 2014


You hear about it on the news-as in the case of Joan Rivers right now-and you probably know someone who’s had to face it (like myself) or you might be facing it yourself. I am talking about the decision of when to withdraw life support or whether to begin it for a loved one. This decision comes with confusing terms and strong emotions. People are faced with this difficult decision everyday.
This raises the debate over the quality of life the person will have. Are we being selfish by helping the person to live longer at the expense of their dignity? If we don’t place them on life support are we denying them the chance to live longer and fully recover? Only you can answer these questions but the most important thing you can do to help you decide is to evaluate the wishes of your loved one. Often the decision to be made is neither cut or dry or right or wrong. Each situation is unique and none come with easy answers. Life support can save a life but can also bring pain and suffering to those making the decision.
The choice whether to withhold or withdraw life support is a difficult one to make. We are all human and can only make the decision we feel is best at the time. Trust me when I say you will never forget how it went down. But know with confidence that you did make the best decision and that the pain associated with that decision will ease over time.

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