Marion “Suge” Knight CHARGED with MURDER

Marion “Suge” Knight CHARGED with MURDER

The King Indeed

February 4th, 2015


Marion Knight also known as “SUGE” has been charged with murder and attempted murder after allegedly running over two men in Compton last week. Sources state that the man he killed is Terry Carter, whom is a 55 year old former Record Label Executive. Sources also state that Cle “Bone” Sloan whom is 51 years old was severely injured.

James Blatt, whom is Suge Knight’s defense attorney stated that his client Suge Knight was the victim and that Suge was fleeing the scene where he himself was being assaulted. 

If Suge Knight is convicted of murder, he could face up to LIFE in prison. 


Marion “Suge” Knight and Dr. Dre were the founders of Death Row Records built in 1991. Ever since the birth of Death Row Records, trouble have always surrounded Mr. Knight and many of his colleagues. strongly believes that every human being deserves a fair trial and strongly believes in Innocent until proven Guilty

Whatever the verdict and/or outcome of this tragic situation is, hopefully this will be the last time that Suge Knight gets himself into trouble again. is curious to know how all of this will play out. ONLY TIME WILL TELL & time is all that Marion “Suge” Knight is facing.

-The King Indeed-


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