Moon travel more affordable

Moon travel more affordable

The King Indeed

April 22nd, 2013


Space Shuttle

It appears that nothing will ever cease to amaze the King Indeed. I am sure that whomever is reading this”blog” is already aware that moon travel is in motion. And The has excellent news: Moon travel now comes with a discounted price. Instead of paying the once ridiculous flight plan of 750 million dollars to travel to the moon, you can now¬†get the discounted rate of only 500 million dollars.

Unbelievable right? Well allow The King Indeed to exercise his Freedom of Speech rights. First off, whomever is spending half of a billion dollars to travel to the moon needs to get their head examined. All you are doing is paying for your funeral. Once the government gets that money from and believe that you will not return.

Secondly, why would you even want to travel to the moon? If you are in search for aliens and weird stuff, all you have to do is visit “The Village” in NYC. It is cheaper and trust me when I tell you that you will have a much better time.

Lastly, if you have half of a billion dollars to spend, then why don’t you spend it on something more productive? Such as, poverty, AIDS cures, Cancer cures, etc. It amazes me that we can send monkeys to the moon, but we can not allegedly find the cure for HIV/AIDS and Cancer. Everyone is well aware that The King Indeed’s 3rd eye is always opened.

I will leave you guys with this…when The King Indeed purchases his ticket to the moon…I will be sipping on Hennessy with Tupac Shakur…I will be enjoying the fine tunes of Jimi Hendrix and I will most definately slap Elvis Prestly for stealing a style of music that was never his.

-The King Indeed-


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