NBA strikes a Lifetime ban & hefty Fine on Clippers owner Sterling

NBA strikes a Lifetime ban & hefty Fine on Clippers owner Sterling

The King Indeed

April 29th, 2014


[Unless you have been living under a rock, everyone should be well aware of the situation regarding the Clippers owner Donald Sterling]

Allow TheKingIndeed, himself to give all of you his assessment of this sensitive matter. Ok so apparently Donald Sterling, whom is the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, allegedly has been set up by his “mistress”. I use the word “set up” only because I am sure that if Donald Sterling had any idea that his conversation was being recorded, he would not have said what he had said about Black people, Magic Johnson, etc.

Donald Sterling clearly gives his strong feelings regarding African Americans during a disturbing conversation with his mistress.[let this be a lesson to you guys out there talking crazy with anyone via phone]

The NBA commissioner has issued a Lifetime ban towards Donald Sterling, whereas he is not allowed to attend any NBA practices or games, nor will he be allowed to make any business decisions regarding the Clippers, etc. On top of this Lifetime ban, Donald Sterling was hit with the maximum fine that the NBA can give which is a lump sum of $2.5 million. Now Sterling is worth over $1 billion, so the fine is just his play money in my opinion.

Now TheKingIndeed feels that everyone should be protected by the first amendment. However, Freedom of Speech nowadays can get anyone in a whole lot of trouble due to politics and money.
TheKingIndeed does not personally know this dude Donald Sterling, nor do I have any interest in meeting the sucka…ooops meant the dude. However, I am not the least bit surprised at his feelings towards African Americans. If we could read peoples minds on a daily basis, I think that the crime rate world wide would increase. Please everyone whom is reading this blog, wake up and open your eyes and realize that their are lots of “Donald Sterling’s” all around us. Just because he owns a team full of Black people does not mean he had to like them or respect them behind closed doors. Think about slavery for a quick minute…The “Slave Master” owned all types of Black slaves right? Do you think that same Slave Master loved his slaves? Do you feel that he respected them? I got one better for you guys…after slavery was allegedly abolished and banned for life…It was not like all of the slave masters got together and changed their point of views towards African Americans right? This is the extreme point that I am trying to make to all of you. We walk amongst all types of racists and ignorant prejudice people on a daily basis. The hot chick or stud the sits next to you at your cubicle at work could hate certain ethnic backgrounds, but you think he or she will tell you?

I could go on for hours, but I don’t want to give your brain too much at a time. Just know that Donald Sterling was exercising his rights as an American citizen, by stating what he feels about Blacks. He is probably one of those dudes that feels he is untouchable because of the amount of money he has.

If any of you have your own opinions regarding this matter, please feel free to leave comments.

PS-Ignorance lives amongst all of us…how will you handle it when you are faced with a matter such as this one???

-The King Indeed-


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