North Korean missile is ready to LAUNCH

North Korean missile is ready to LAUNCH

The King Indeed

April 11th, 2013



For you dumb dumbs out there, that are all shook up and are in the process of building your bunkers underground, because you are freightened that this missile will hit us[United States]….you need to wake up and realize that this missle has approximately a range of about 2175 miles (3500 kilometers).

Now I feel for the people that are in the vicinity of Guam[territory on the West Coast] because the US does indeed have air and naval bases out there. So this North Korean leader knows exactly what he is doing and allegedly is a loose canon. Or is he?

We here at The King Indeed must ask why would this North Korean leader out of the blue decide to get missiles ready to launch. Listen up world…I am not trying to point any fingers at anyone, however “we” must take in serious consideration on WHAT EXACTLY DID THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA¬† do to this lame???…oops I meant to say…what did the USA do to this guy???

I am more than confident that “our” great nation [USA]¬†will NEVER allow anyone to launch any sort of missiles, wether it be weapons of mass destruction or “play play” missiles. The King Indeed is somewhat of a patriot, however The King Indeed is always looking via the third eye.

The King Indeed is curious to know how everyone feels about this situation. Why is the US always..and I mean always the center of controversy? Why is the US always a target?

The way I see it is if you start pointing your missiles at “us”… then “we” must defend ourselves and fire back [nuclear hollicaust may be inevitable one day].

-The King Indeed-

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