NYPD and the Almighty Choke Hold

NYPD and the Almighty Choke Hold

The King Indeed

September 29th, 2014


Police chokehold complaints are on the rise and the NYPD has disciplinary problems, according to a copy of a Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) report, which was obtained and posted by the New York Post. The 120-plus page document the Post uploaded to its site notes 1,128 choking allegations and comes on the heels of the July death of Eric Garner, who died from a police officer’s apparent chokehold.
NYPD’S Patrol Guide does not allow chokehold’s, according to the report. The report also ridicules the police department for its failure to hold bad officers accountable for their actions. The worst punishment doled out so far has been a loss of 10 vacation days.
Although complaints are on the rise, the CCRB has only substantiated 10 cases out of the more than 1,100 that have been filed in the last five to six years. The CCRB is calling for better supervision and officer training of all New York City’s officers and Police Commissioner Bill Braton has vowed to make that happen over the next several years. But for now, the CCRB has confirmed what many people have identified as an ugly state of affairs.
In my opinion, there are some bad police officers while at the same time there are far more good officers out there. Resisting arrest can be as simple as asking a police officer why they are arresting you. Police have to do better. We have to ask the main question: Do we blame the police for discrimination or do we have to question how we behave? It is easier to blame than to teach respect of one another. Some people refuse to accept that their behavior speaks volumes for their conduct in today’s society. Over the last five- six years less than 1% of all chokehold complaints were substantiated, which means more than 99% of all chokehold complaints were absolutely false. Meanwhile, taxpayers have to foot the bill to investigate the other 1,090 absurd complaints. So instead of officers being out on the street they are tied up with red tape. It would be interesting to see a report of how many murders, shootings, stabbings, rapes etc. we’re committed while they were being investigated instead of doing their jobs. The police department and the communities they protect need to come together to form a culture where they can respect each other.
On the other hand, as a New Yorker I am angry with the NYPD’S reaction to the whole series of events. What is going to happen to the officer that murdered a man in a choke hold? Is his pension taken away? Prosecuted for murder? Let go from the force? No! His weapon and badge were taken away until further review which means this will be swept under the rug. He will do desk duty for a year or maybe less and return to the streets probably in a different precinct.
It is disgraceful- and the people whose motto is ” To Protect and Serve” have totally forgotten it is about US and not THEM.

-The King Indeed-

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