President OBAMA & ISIS Plan

President OBAMA & ISIS Plan

The King Indeed

September 8th, 2014


obama-stressed-facePresident Obama is set to reveal his ISIS ( the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) strategy- but pledges “no Iraq War”. President Obama- who had been criticized for saying he did not have a strategy to contend with ISIS- said he would seek congressional support on Tuesday and then ” describe what our game plan is going to be” in his speech this Wednesday.
This headline is both contradictory and misleading – how can you have massive, game changing arming advisors, endless bombing, and Australia directed US drone strikes in Iraq and yet pledge “no Iraq War?” The President also stated that we we would be part of an international coalition, carrying out air strikes in support of work on the ground by Iraqi troops and that the notion the United States should be putting ” boots on the ground” would be a profound mistake.
Right now there is no intelligence suggesting an imminent ISIS threat to the US homeland but I should point out the group has publicly murdered two American journalists who could travel to the US unimpeded and eventually pose as a threat.
President Obama sold the American people his “hope and change” election scheme and is now selling the world the promise that there will be no American war in Iraq, despite the obvious and readily apparent fact that the American war on and in Iraq has been going on with out any cessation or end in sight for over a decade.


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