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September 29th, 2014


According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety 22 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by drivers running red lights. In many areas, red light violations have increased by 10 percent or more since the 1980’s. Because of these statistics more and more cities are installing red light cameras. These cameras record all the data authorities need to prosecute drivers breaking the law. If a camera records you speeding through a red light, you will receive a ticket along with a picture in about a month or two later in the mail.

The problem with these cameras is that they do not simultaneously take a picture of the face of the driver. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Failure to produce a picture of the driver means the owner is being convicted for a crime they might have not committed if they weren’t driving the vehicle. In my book, that seems unconstitutional although convenient for politicians looking to raise money without raising taxes.
There is an ongoing debate about the use of red light cameras. Authorities claim it is for public safety but in my opinion I feel it is more for financial gain at the expense of the taxpayer.


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