TARA from Love & Hip Hop discusses Peter Gunz [PART I]

TARA from Love & Hip Hop discusses Peter Gunz [PART I]

The King Indeed

December 29th, 2014


[PART I] & Dat KiD K.I. had the pleasure of interviewing Tara Wallace from LHHNY. Tara openly discusses exactly what she feels about Peter Gunz.


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  1. spanish rose says:

    Very few women ‘get it’ and she is one of them. A man is going to do what he wants to do, we can’t control or dictate it. You can’t make somebody love you enough to remain faithful. Nor is love solely enough to make it work. Yet, choosing to stay selfless for the sake of your kids, is one of the most difficult actions a broken hearted person can carry out. A strong woman is a strong woman, with or without the man. Unconditional love always prevails. Kudos to Ms. Tara for living out all of the above.

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