The Angel of Death

The King Indeed

May 15th, 2014


photoDeath is something that every living being is unable to avoid. There are millions of different viewpoints regarding the subject matter of DEATH. I, personally, never understood why we just can’t live forever? Maybe it is because the world would obviously be over populated, or maybe it is because the entire world would suffer from Anarchy. Regardless of the reason, I am sure that we all can agree that “The Angel of Death” will eventually visit us all some point in our lives.

We have all lost people whom we love and care about unconditionally. So what do you think happens to these people once their bodies become a corpse? That is the multi-trillion dollar question that no one can really answer for sure. Religious and spiritual individuals may believe that you either go to “Heaven” or “Hell”, then you may have Atheists that may believe that nothing happens to you at all…you just die and life goes on, “Scientologists” may believe that ALIENS come for you, but once in a while you get individuals whom may believe that you are reincarnated after death. Regardless of your opinion(s), it is safe to say that DEATH will happen to us all.

Throughout my [almost] 40 years on this planet, I have come to the realization that “Good People” die just the same as “Bad People” die….BOTTOM LINE!!! The King Indeed, personally never takes his life for granted. Which is one of the reasons why I keep negative energy away from me. I will never allow negative individuals within my immediate circle because I strongly believe that will provoke “The Angel of Death”.

At about 1217a on 5/15/14 I lost someone whom was like a father to me…someone whom valued his family more than Life itself. There is no shame in my stating that I Love this man whom has always been a “father figure” towards me. His death is bitter sweet because I know that he was ill and suffering on a daily basis in many ways. So I know that he is no longer suffering in a physical form. However, as soon as he passed, I immediately became overwhelmed with thoughts of guilt, because I did not spend enough time with him as I should have. Had I known that he would have passed this morning, then I could have been by his side at that very moment. But of course that is impossible, because “The Angel of Death” has no mercy and refuses to give “us” a heads up.

To all of my readers and loyal subjects of, please never take your life or anyone else’s life for granted, because you never know when “The Angel of Death” may lurk and hover around you or your loved ones.

PS-I know that both Charlies’ are chillin right now sipping on some Dom Perignon and Coronas right now…be cool gentlemen…The KiD is not ready to take his sips up there yet…but keep my bottles on reserve because I never know when “The Angel of Death” will come for me.

-RIP Charles Jr-
-RIP Charles Sr-

-The King Indeed-


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