The Brooklyn Bridge SURRENDERS???

The Brooklyn Bridge SURRENDERS???

The King Indeed

July 29th, 2014


Yes Indeed New York’s historical Brooklyn Bridge had a make over not too long ago. Some cowards replaced our powerful AMERICAN flag [that signifies unity and strength] with a Bleached White Flag. The King Indeed feels that this is a cowardly act which is completely disrespectful towards our troops nation wide. However, the fact still remains that these individuals still were able to breach our security. TKI must question how safe are all of our bridges and tunnels? These are horrific times that we live in and hopefully our U.S. government takes this disgusting act serious. One must question why put up a White Flag? Is this a warning that we will be under attack again? I am curious to know what everyone thinks and feels regarding this controversial matter.

May GoD continue to Bless America.

-The King Indeed-

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