The Ebola Virus shows No Mercy to West Africa

The Ebola Virus shows No Mercy to West Africa

The King Indeed

July 29th, 2014


Ebola is a hemorrhagic fever that can cause its victims to bleed from the ears and nose. The disease has turned up in at least two other countries which are Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The King Indeed strongly feels that this outbreak did not just pop up out of thin air. Somewhere, somehow, this disease was man-made as a weapon intended for the creator’s enemies. This sounds too familiar to me, because history repeats itself.I strongly feel that HIV and the AIDS virus was made in a top secret scientific medical facility. This Ebola virus is no different. TKI will continue to pray for the hundreds of innocent people whom are infected and/or died at the hands of this virus.


YouTube video courtesy of BBC News

-The King Indeed-

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