The KKK is in Heavy Recruit

The KKK is in Heavy Recruit

The King Indeed

September 8th, 2014


Fliers for the Klu Klux Klan have turned up in two South Shore towns in Suffolk County, Long Island. Fliers were found in driveways of several homes in Shirley and Babylon. The papers referenced the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and contained racial slurs. They also included a website and phone number for the ” Loyal White Knights of the KKK,” an organization based in NC and which also has a presence in NY. It comes after recruitment fliers were found in mailboxes and driveways in Hampton Bay’s in July and August. People who received the fliers said it had “crude” and “ridiculous” caricatures that noticeably were aimed at Jews, Blacks and Latinos. Fliers also have appeared across many other cities including in Orange, California and in Seneca, South Carolina. Bags filled with fliers and candies were distributed last month.

In my opinion, the KKK equals ignorance and spreads hate. The people that represent them have always been here and always will be. Just because they do not wear white hoods to identify themselves, they are still all around us. The KKK are in all areas of our workforce and our communities. The simple fact is that racism remains a force in American life. It impacts the lives of everyone. There are many ways we have made progress, and we should celebrate them. But just because we do not face the racism of the past doesn’t mean we’ve solved the problem.

tumblr_mfrnyjwYQV1r25g8yo1_500WE HAVE NOT!!!


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