Unarmed Michael Brown shot by the Ferguson Missouri POLICE

Unarmed Michael Brown shot by the Ferguson Missouri POLICE

The King Indeed

August 12th, 2014



18 year old Michael Brown was unarmed when he was fatally shot by a Police officer on Saturday, August 9th, in Ferguson, Missouri. Bystanders and onlookers stated that his hands were in the air right before he was shot. Some police officers stated that Michael Brown aggressively struggled with a police officer in the car. The FBI & the St Louis county police department are in the process of conducting their own internal investigations.

Michael Brown was scheduled to start his first day of college the following Monday and was looking forward to it.


There was a peaceful gathering of a large group of supporters and mourners on Sunday which quickly turned into looting and violence. What everyone must realize is that there are criminals and thugs all over the world, and Ferguson, Missouri is no exception. So it should come to no surprise that looting was on hand and directed by thugs and criminals and not by the mourners of Michael Brown.

Statistics show a huge number of Black men getting shot by police officers while they were unarmed. This has to STOP!!! However, there is a flip side to that coin. A police officer has less that a second to react and use his or her judgement. I find it impossible to believe that every single cop out there is corrupt or is a racist. There are police officers that I personally know whom are stand up gentlemen and abide by the law to the fullest. But unfortunately the media almost never speaks about those guys.

For all of my readers of please understand that I am neutral regarding this story, but I am eager to know why in the world would a cop shoot this unarmed young man. I am confident that the Federal Bureau of Investigation will provide “us” with an accurate update, after their full fledge investigation is completed.

For the Brown family, I pray that GoD continues to give you strength. For the police officer whom shot this young man, I pray that your shooting was justified. [NO JUSTICE NO PEACE]

PS-For all of my Black & Latino men out there, please be cool about this situation until the complete investigation is completed.

so much pain

{R.I.P. Michael Brown}

-The King Indeed-

************UPDATE********ALERT**********UPDATE ALERT*************UPDATE**********ALERT*********
[August 14, 2014]

The plot thickens regarding the murder of Michael Brown as two journalists (one from the Washington Post & one from the Huffington Post) were arrested for simply doing their job. Is this not America? Is this not the FREE WORLD whereas we the people have FREEDOM OF PRESS?


Also why have not the Ferguson Police department released the name of the officer whom fired the fatal shots at Michael Brown? strongly believes it is in order to protect the officer’s family and himself from harm. Pay attention to what is going on, tear gas, riot gear, tactical weaponry, etc. I will not be surprised if a curfew is set in the town of Ferguson, Missouri. I just hope that all of the protesting is done peacefully.

Angry Protestors confront Ferguson Police

-The King Indeed-


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