Walter Scott FATALLY SHOT by South Carolina Police Officer

Walter Scott FATALLY SHOT by South Carolina Police Officer

The King Indeed

April 14th, 2015



Walter Scott was fatally shot more than several times by North Charleston, South Carolina Police Officer Michael Slager on Saturday, April 4th, 2015.


Walter Scott was allegedly stopped during a routing traffic stop by South Carolina Police Officer Michael Slager. Walter Scott unfortunately ran away from the scene and Police Officer Michael Slager casually pulled out his firearm and proceeded to FATALLY shoot UNARMED Walter Scott a vast number of times in the back. Although Walter Scott should not have run away from the scene, that does not give law enforcement the RIGHT to shoot him.

There is no doubt that the United States of America has a serious problem regarding the behavior and actions of their law enforcement regime. Police Officers nationwide are supposed to serve and protect “the people”. Wearing a badge and carrying a firearm DOES NOT give Police Officers the right to violate anyone’s civil rights to say the least.

I personally had a conversation with 1 uniformed Police Officer and 2 Detectives regarding their opinions on the fatal shooting of Walter Scott. All 3 of these Officers came to the immediate conclusion that Police Officer Michael Slager is a cold blooded murderer [in their own words].


What troubles me the most is the fact that if there were not a pedestrian filming the disgusting slaughter of Walter Scott, chances are that Police Officer Michael Slager would have gotten away with “murder”. Let me be CLEAR that is not Anti-Police, however is Anti-Oppression.

It is imperative that Congress and the Unites States President get involved by looking closely into the way law enforcement is governed within their own departments.

How many more citizens will have to die in the hands of law enforcement before a CHANGE is forced to happen? 

To all of the Police Officers that are doing a wonderful job by truly serving and protecting “the people”, I Salute you to the fullest because I can only imagine the garbage you have to deal with in those gritty streets.  To the Police Officers that abuse their Power and feel that they can hide behind their badges, I strongly feel that the judicial system will have no choice but to start prosecuting all of you.

Only time will tell.


-The King Indeed-






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