Who murdered John F Kennedy???

Who murdered John F Kennedy???

The King Indeed

March 24th, 2013


“Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country?” [That is a powerful statement that John F Kennedy once stated]

Well The King Indeed can easily answer that question. What my country can do for me is continue to cover up how this great leader named JFK got assassinated. What I can do for my country is to continue to lose sleep until “we” find out the truth.

I am certain that everyone whom is reading this is a tad bit familiar with JFK’s death. Yeah yeah yeah…I know that it was some dude named Lee Oswald that single handedly murdered “our” President. Which is amazing that all the media has to do is sell the world anything and of course we buy it. Well not I…not The King Indeed.

I promise you guys that I will not bore you with a ridiculous conspiracy theory that will take hours to read. If that is what you are in search of then you are sadly mistaken. However, what I will do for my readers and followers of is give you a quick refresher of some of the events that happened that dreadful and sad day in Dallas.

So the United States government expects us to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald carried his rifle all the way up to a building undetected. Ok ok ok, that’s cool I will buy that. [I must remind everyone that this rifle was also registered to Mr Oswald as well] Mr Oswald picked the perfect perch with a line of sight that was extroadinary. [Oswald is so intelligent] He was so intelligent that instead of finding a rifle that was not registered to him…he decided to allegedly shoot JFK with his own registered rifle. [Sumfin smells fishy hear] To make matters worst, after Mr Oswald shoots JFK a couple of times in the head, he decides to leave his registered rifle at the scene of the crime. [I need to remind you that Oswald’s prints were all over the rifle] {Oswald is intelligent enough to get the perfect shots at the most Powerful man in the world…but Oswald is dumb enough to leave his rifle behind that is registered under the name Lee Harvey Oswald}

Moving right along…Oswald allegedly is a desperate man, so he does the unthinkable and hangs around the Dallas area not too far from where he allegedly assassinated JFK and gets into more trouble. Oswald allegedly decides to shoot a police officer. [Not too smart to add heat on you after you already have enough heat to begin with]

Finally the police and government officials¬†take Mr Oswald into custody…YAY & YIPPEE for our US government working so hard to nab the alleged murderer.

By the time Lee Harvey Oswald is in front of the illuminati….oops I apologize…that was a typo. Let’s try this again…by the time Mr Oswald was in front of the MEDIA, he had a nice shiner and some fresh bruises on him. [I concurr that the government officials and the Police had to give him a taste of a beat down because he single handedly killed our President and he shot a cop] The plot thickens now…Oswald is being transported to a vehicule from the Police precint and he has so many Police and government officials surrounding him for his protection [lucky guy]. But as fate would have it, Lee Harvey Oswald was shot dead right in front of the world [media’s cameras were rolling] by a gentlemen by the name of Jack Rubenstein aka Jack Ruby.

Wow…isn’t this exciting??? Oswald does not even get a chance to testify or to tell his story on if he really killed JFK. As a matter of fact a reporter asked Mr Oswald moments before he was shot dead if he killed JFK. Mr Oswald responded with “I do not know why I am being arrested” [he had his poker face on as well]

Now Jack Ruby “had” to kill the man whom allegedly assassinated “our” Commander in Chief. Oh yeah by the way, Jack Ruby dies as well. ¬†Now I gave you guys too much alleged info thus far. So to all of my playa haterz and all of my true blue fans…go out there and do your own research on what really happened to one of the greatest men that ever lived named John F Kennedy. [The King Indeed really misses him…and I mean that from the bbottom of my heart] May John F Kennedy continue to Rest In Peace ’til eternity.

Note: The head of the Central Intelligence Agaency [CIA] at the time was a gentleman by the name of George Bush Sr


-King Indeed-


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