Who will BUY Pregnant Dolls for their Child?

Who will BUY Pregnant Dolls for their Child?

The King Indeed

April 1st, 2015


I have realized throughout my 40 years on this planet that nothing will cease to amaze me. 

A couple of days ago I was tagged on social media with a picture of a couple of dolls that were pregnant…YES I SAID PREGNANT. Some had clothing covering their bellies and others graphically showed a small baby inside of the stomach that could be taken out. 

Now I do not know how the majority of you guys feel about this matter, but I do know  how I, myself, TheKingIndeed feels about this…It is unbelievably ridiculous in my strong opinion.

[The last time I checked I am allowed to have a strong opinion…BY LAW]

I have a 5 year old daughter that I can proudly say will not be getting these types of dolls anytime soon. Furthermore, what is the message that you are sending to “our” children out there?

Yes yes yes, I know that some of you people out there will state “Well it is educational, blah blah blah”. However, I strongly believe that the distastefulness outweighs the education regarding this issue.

Now the Trillion dollar question is what are your thoughts regarding this “Pregnant Doll” that our children, nieces, cousins, etc will be subjected to seeing and playing with? TheKingIndeed wants to know.



-The King Indeed-


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