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Who’s your Daddy? [Truck Edition] “Only in…Queens”

Who’s your Daddy? [Truck Edition] “Only in…Queens”

The King Indeed

May 22nd, 2013


In order for you to understand that the magnitude of this post I need to take you back into time.  Enter Exhibit ‘A’ seen below.

Who's My Daddy Poster


This picture was taken in South Jamaica on the corner of Linden and Merrick Blvd.  The heart of one of the more “Urban” areas in Queens.  I took this picture a few months ago because I couldn’t believe it was there.  Let’s examine it now shall we.


1.  What is up with the “Who’s My Daddy?” title?  What was the thought process behind this marketing?  Why couldn’t it have simply said D.N.A testing alone?

2.  They obviously were smart enough to not put an African American baby’s face on the poster but does that look like a caucasian child to you?  No disrespect but if that ain’t a Mexican baby I’ll be shocked.  Who is being targeted in this marketing and why?

3.  Would it have been to much to ask you to put the poster up straight?  Did you to say to yourself these minorities won’t notice anyway?

4.  Finally and most importantly what message is this sending to the children in this area?  Signs are powerful.  Billboards and posters haven’t been around for years for no reason.  Joe Camel, nuff said.


After seeing this poster I said to myself that business will fail.  No one is going to call that number and they will find it insulting.  Now enter present day where I saw the below a few days ago on Merrick Blvd and 243 Street.

Who's My Daddy Truck

Yes that is a Who’s Your Daddy? truck.  A truck parked in front of a diner.  I nearly crashed my car when I saw this and after doing some research I found out a few things.


1.  This is a legitimate business associated with LabCorp.

2.  They have a website.  At first I wasn’t going to promote this site but you know what I am.

3.  The owner (Jared Rosenthal) has been featured in several different television segments and news articles.  CNN, Time, & Business Week to name a few.

4.  This isn’t a Queens thing.   This guy is partnered with clinics nationwide

5.  He has received several offers from reality TV shows regarding his DNA services.


Now some of you might be saying what is the big deal he is bringing convenience  to a service that is needed by the masses.  Yeah?  I didn’t realize it was so difficult to get a D.N.A test.  Last time I checked clinics were already a dime a dozen.  And oh yeah how important can this really be to you if you can’t spend the time or energy to find out if another life is really yours?  I’m going to go even further. Who the hell are you people dealing with?  If she is that reckless why are you running all rough shot up in her anyway?  Do you not value your own life or are you just to lazy to buy a condom?  I could go on about this for hours but I’ll end by saying this, congratulations Jared Rosenthal and more power to you.  You found the next way to exploit minorities and make yourself famous at the same time.  But don’t worry I’m not mad at you.  I’m mad at these fools for letting you do it because without them there would be no you.  I guess I’m just mad I didn’t think of it myself.


-Wesley Dean-

{Intern writer for The King Indeed}


  1. The King Indeed says:

    @Wesley Dean it is a complete honor and it is Indeed refreshing to finally have someone write about the truth without the words being watered down!!! I salute you sir and I think that you found your nitch when it comes to keeping it real on

    -The King Indeed-

  2. Midnight says:

    Statistics do indicate that 1-4 men are unknowingly raising children that are not biologically theirs so this business will be successful…. or will it?? If you unknowingly raising another mans child, why would u ever think of getting a DNA test? Parents: Know your blood type and those of your children. This simple information can provide you with basic answers. Ladies, ladies, ladies, the TRUTH ALWAYS comes out. The universe works in mysterious ways and all the skeletons in your closet WILL come out to face you; even if it takes as long as your death bed. It’s really sad that love has turned into a game. Loveless marriages, staying in an unhappy home out of convenience, fear, “for the kids” (that may not even be yours… oups) or worse… for your financial benefit. What ever happen to L.O.V.E. ? Is it not enough anymore? A whole other topic, ya I know!

  3. martina toze says:

    Mann…its a good idea. maybe its not right to use a mexican baby…but a white baby would be bad too. somebody gotta take one for the team..but all in all,its a great idea and its def needs to be in more spots than the hood cuz rich whiteys creep too…!!! but fuck that..make them hoes take a test. i saw on the new it may be a law soon cuz 10% of the children in america arent with their biological dads due to a lie or unknkowing…BOOM! now google THAT on ya spare time..

  4. BiggLitho says:

    LMFAO…you gotta be kidding me! Who was driving that truck…Maury Povich???

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